Outgoing call hangs up


Jan 6, 2021
Does anyone encounter this problem ...

Phone is a MI Note 10 Lite. MIUI 12.0.2

I´m calling a friend and exactly when he/she answers my phone hangs up.
It only applies to 3 specific people (so far), everyone ells i call is working fine.

I have reinstalled the phone, checked through for locks but can not find
anything that explains why their numbers / phones make mine hang up when they answer.
Gets a feeling that this happened after the update to Miui12.

The funny thing is that a co-worker has the exact same phone, with the exact same problem, to the exact same people (phones)
It's really annoying that they have to call back all the time.

Someone who has tips or advice on what to look for to fix this

Thanks in advance