Over the Air Theme update


Oct 6, 2011
Hi everyone. I m new to Miui and I can say I love it.
I've tried so many ROM on my galaxy s2 before moving definitively to MIUI. Even CyanogenMod does not not compete for me.

There is still some slight issues like the camera which is not as good as Samsung one.
But this is a small detail compared what can be achieved with mIUI.

Anyway. good work to all the developers and the community in general.

I ve been using galnet miui on my SGS2 and was wondering about OTA (over the air).
I can see there is a "theme update" but no server are configured.

is there a way to configure that or is it just for the future ?

This would be awesome if themes were updated when a new is released.

thanks for any answer.

Well From what i have seen themes available online in miui do get updated experienced it personally
ok! thanks. I will keep an eye to be sure of that ?
can you check something for me ?

if you go to OTA, then menu button and configuration.
go to manage theme servers.

Do you have any servers set up or is it empty.
if you have, can you write some here.