Participating in Development


Mar 25, 2011
Hi everyone,

I am new to this community. I have tried out a number of Android ROMs, but found, like many of you, that MIUI is the most polished and most innovative ROM out there. I personally believe that MIUI's experience fulfills what Android should have been.

In any case, I would like to actively participate in MIUI's development. I have experience in both Android application development and Linux kernel programming. How do I become a developer? Is there a code repository available? It seems that most of the official devs are those in China.

On a sidenote, there is one thing in particular that is bugging me and it involves the current beta of MIUI Weather. I think it is possible to reduce the size of the SQLite database and consolidate the United States release into one apk and one db. There are a lot of redundancy with cities and their zip codes, and we do not need to have all the zip codes of each city. There are also a number of FC issues I would like to look at and fix.

Thanks in advance. in China is where development of the ROM is done. What's done here is translation and porting of MIUI.

The MIUI weather app has been translated and adapted on this site. The adaptation is beta and only been available for a week or two. You can leave a note with your suggestions in the thread about MIUI weather.

You may not hear back about the weather app for a while. markhuk will be deodexing and translating the new MIUI release for the next day or so!
As Bruce already pointed out, MIUI is a Chinese ROM and all development is done by them; it is also closed source, so I very much doubt you will see any of it unless you go through the proper channels and somehow end up on the development team (even Mark is not part of their development team if I'm not mistaken).

As for MIUI Weather, don't even worry about it. The version we are all using right now is a reverse-engineered hack job that Mark and wowthatisrandom put together to keep us from being so annoying and asking about it every other day, lol. The next version will have most if not all the bugs fixed, as I understand that the developer for this specific app left the MIUI Chinese development team, leaving all development of this app in limbo on their side, and they decided to release the source to Mark so he could build us a working international version.

All in all, welcome to MIUI; sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. :)