Pass Safetynet K40 Pro (Haydn)


Jul 23, 2021
Anyone knows how to pass Safetynet for K40 Pro(Haydn)?
I installed MagiskHide Props Config but can't find K40 Pro(Haydn) in the change device signature list. The closest I can find is K40(alioth).
Without ROM info, we sadly can't help you. ;)

If you have a recent ROM, you don't need "MagiskHide Props Config" module but only have to configure Magisk:

IMPORTANT: In order to pass SafetyNet, enable "MagiskHide" option in the Magisk app (settings) then enable for apps detecting 'root' (shield icon in Magisk app => "MagiskHide" menu).

RECOMMENDED: Use "Hide the Magisk app" option in Magisk app (settings).

N.B.: If "Hide the Magisk app" option doesn't work for you, follow these steps:

1) Go in phone's settings => My Device => All specs => Tap 7~10 times on "MIUI Version" tile to be a developer

2) Return back in main phone's settings menu => Additional settings => Developer options (at the bottom of the screen) => Enable "Install via USB" option (in "Debug" section)

3) In Magisk app => Settings => Tap on "Hide the Magisk app" and install the "hidden" Magisk app (give it another name)
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This is the ROM I'm using.
I tried the above steps and still can't pass Safetynet.