Phone calls issue version 1.10.14


Aug 5, 2011
I’m having a very annoying issue with phone calls.

I just can't normally hear the person on the other side of the line.
The voice is extremely loud and distorted, even with volume in minimum.
I already went into X5 settings>Sound Settings and drop the Voice volume to 100 but no luck.

The shortcut solution is every time I have a call I need to decrease/increase the volume until the other person voice is understandable.

Not very practical and very annoying.

Anyone can help with this?

To fix permission, open up the terminal app or use rom manager.If you use rom manager just let the app to all that it needs to do then reboot. If you use terminal app follow these directions.

1) type su then enter
2) type a2sd fixapk then enter

After you have done all this reboot the rom. This helps clear up crap on the system.
I did this by the respective order:
- Fixed permission with rom manager
- installed FF kernel
- Wipe Cache and Wipe Davilk

Only tested after the above procedure so I don't know at what point it went fine ;)
Now I can hear the calls well but increasing/decreasing volume wont change a thing. Volume remains the same.