Phone not charging/booting

Mar 23, 2013
Hello guys, as mentioned above my phone was not charging/booting since I updated the ROM using Updater app yesterday.

I couldn't access flashboot or recovery mode to flash it back to older version too... When trying to charge, the led light just continuously blinking in red with no indication it is in fact charging, been charging it for half an hour already but nothing happen...

Pls help me, thank you
Feb 25, 2012
Had this once when i completely used whole battery and it shut down automatically... It's not blinking the normal way when charging (soft fade in and out), it's lighting up without those "effect".​
Take the battery out of your phone, connect the charger and when the screen starts to boot, put in your battery again. Wait some minutes till it has loaded a little bit your battery, else you've to do those steps again.​
Could be a bug in the bootloader, but didn't investigate further...​