Phone sometimes turns off when asleep, also only getting 3g?


Apr 16, 2011
My phone (G2) is having to really strange problems, both problems occurred durring running 1.4.22, but not directly after, so its hard to diagnose where the issue came from. The update did not fix them. The first problem is that sometimes, its starting to do it less, my phone will be asleep and I go to wake it after sometime and when I press the wake button it powers on to the HTC screen like it has been off for a while. Then I will have miss calls and texts. The second issue is that I seem to only be getting 3G service now, where my friend (who has the same phone) will get HSPA+, or even when he has edge, I will just have no signal. Both issues are fairly frustrating and I would appreciate any feedback or help. Thank you!
Hi Adam,
Do you have any overclock app running ?
I had the same issue with my g2 while overclocking at 1900mhz, reducing it 1500 solve it.
I hope it helps ;-)