Plans to port HTC Thunderbolt

Nov 14, 2010
I'm thinking of selling my Incredible and getting the Thunderbolt to take advantage of 4G coming soon to the area. I know this phone is not out yet and it also depends if it gets rooted. Can anyone tell me the likelihood of it getting an MIUI port? And if anyone knows, the likelihood of it getting a root as well?
Nov 24, 2010
There is no way anyone can tell you the likelihood of MIUI getting ported to a phone that's not even out yet. Also, a word of advice when/if you do get the Thunderbolt: If someone does decide to port MIUI and announces it, DON'T ASK FOR AN ETA. lol.

Anyway, if it gets rooted and kernel sources are released soon, I see no reason why it couldn't be. But that's a bunch of IF's. They mean nothing in reality.