Please help , MIUI Works for Motorola Milestone X720?

Oct 11, 2011
Hi , I have recently installed my first ROM on Milestone X720 , a Cincinnati bell 2.2.1 Andriod and its working fine.

Can any one Please help me and advise answers to below questions , Prefer if you can email me the response on would highly appreciate your help.

1- Will MIUI Latest English based ROM will work for my Milestone X720 ? Since the download version available for Milestone.

2 - Is there any easy way to install since instructions given on this website are hard for myself to understand since i am new to the process. I would prefer a video link if any one can assist me ?

3 - If MIUI Doesn't work for X720 , Can any one guide me to a MIUI Like good working app with how to install procedure ?

Thank you & Best Regards