Please port MIUI ICS apks to CM9 ICS(non-MIUI)


May 11, 2012
I really like the new MIUI ICS stock apks, but i don't like the UI as much as the CM9 ICS mainly because it also overheats my old htc hd2, and i don't like the stock apks on the CM9 ICS, they're no where near the functionality of MIUI apks. Is there any way to port the MIUI apks to CM9? Are there any Dev's who can do this? Or are there any tutorial on how to do this?
I've seen a ton of threads with attachments of ported MIUI apks, but they're generally really old or not real MIUI apks.

I have the apks that i want to port...
MiCode now providing source for some of them, but it seems they won't work without framework modifications, that are closed..
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