Poco F1 camera, flash, speaker issues


Dec 27, 2022
Hello Everyone,

For some time I have issues with my phone. Until August everytime the problem appeared, it was solved in the next update. The august update broke my phone for good, the following updates did nothig.

Here is what it happens:
After a system update, I do not know what update as it was set on automatic the I/O of the phone got mixed up badly.
The speaker mode does not work for phone calls, and the regular speaker is very quiet, I can barely hear the person talking.
The main camera is not working, instead the phone uses the secondary camera(the one below the main one), because of this the quality of the pictures is atrociuos, the pictures are mirrored, and when filming, the recordings are upside down
The flash option is grayed out, it can not be used as a flashlight.

I have tested all the devices using the phone's troubleshooter and they all work. The camera is ok, the flash lights up, and the speakers work fine.
I have tried all the fixes recommended on the web with no result.
The only option left is a factory reset and to try to install a known working software.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Can it be solved without factory reset?(I want to avoid this if possible)

Thank you