Poco f2 pro change motherboard


Feb 13, 2021
Hi i bought a new motherboard for my poco f2 pro. Now i cannot add card to pay google wallet because google play is not verified. I've seen that my bootloader is unlocked. And I've seen that my phone is now a redmi 30 pro zoom edition... I think the seller sold me a chinese motherboard (event if he said not) and changed the rom with a global rom i guess. I'd like to lock the bootloader to be able to use nfc to pay with it. stable global rom SJKMIXM .
I'd like not to brick it as it already happened to me a few years ago so now i never flash my phones. Do you think i can lock the bootloader directly ? How to know what should be the original rom ? Thanks for your help.
Assuming you have a Chinese motherboard, I believe locking the bootloader with the global ROM would brick the phone.

The easiest solution would be to flash the Xiaomi.eu ROM, unless someone come with a solution to detect the origin of the motherboard.