Poco F2 Pro camera module upgrade > Device not certified


Sep 18, 2022
Hello everybody. Before dropping the question, here's a bit of info

I was one of the brave ones that went on and replaced the Poco F2 Pro camera module with the one from K30 Pro Zoom. The operation was flawless on the HW level, not so much on the SW. As you may know if you've attempted the above, while everything works as expected (the camera app detects all modules correctly etc), the device is no longer certified in Google Play. The reason I believe is a certain mismatch in the device's specs. While the device appeared to be Redmi K30 Pro Zoom, the model is M2004J11G, which corresponds to Poco F2 Pro.


Approx. a year ago I managed to unlock the device's boot and flashed Xiaomi.eu rom for the K30 Pro Zoom. Upon doing that the device was certified & spend a full year being able to use Google Pay / Wallet and pay using the device. As you probably know by now, Google started messing around with the integrity check etc that forced me to root my device and install the integrity check module. Unfortunately, even though I added my bank's app the deny list, the bank somehow got wind of the modification, resulting in having all my cards cancelled and my accounts blocked for security reasons. Needless to say, that summed up my long run as a 'power user' (having flashing roms/kernels, rooting etc since 2009) & I am gonna stick to stock everything from now on.
In order to return the device to stock conf, I flashed the Poco F2 Pro last global rom (V14.0.1.0.SJKMIXM) which resulted once more to a non certified device, possibly but not surely because of the aforementioned specs mismatch.
So the question is: Does anybody knows whether the above issue would be solved if I flashed instead the latest China ROM which actually is a Redmi K30 Pro Zoom one and not a Poco F2 Pro (V14.0.4.0.SJKCNXM)? Also, would there be any other side effects, for example cell issues, same or other Google Play certifications issues, bricked device etc?
Any help would be greatly appreciated..
I don't have the expertise to predict all the side effects, but...

Assuming you find a way to use the CN ROM on your global device and that it somehow works without issue, you still can't lock the bootloader, so you will mostly have the same certification issues as the Xiaomi.eu ROM.
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