POCO F3 - MIUI 14.0.8 stable: Uber Driver app problem


Jan 12, 2024
Hello guys, how is it going? hope yall ok.
I currently have my POCO F3 running the stable miui 14 14.0.8 that i got from here.
I was using root with the fixes for gpay and everything was ok and running just fine. (Except for 1 bank app that stopped working)
Recently i installed the Uber Driver app but havent got it to work, i only receive the message "Go online from a different device. Unable to authenticate device"
I removed the root completely, the bank app that stopped before now is working normally, nfc too but the uber driver app still with the same issue.
Any ideas on how to fix that? (Already have rebooted my phone, reinstalled the app)
Contact Uber support, you need to take a photo of yourself and the phone spec. Then Uber will add your model to their list.