POCO F5 Hard Brick

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Jul 22, 2023
Hey everyone, I need help with my phone (POCO F5) because it's totally messed up (Hard Brick).
I was on version (xiaomi.eu_multi_MARBLE_V14.0.22.0.TMRCNXM_v14-13.zip) and when I tried to update the system, I accidentally used a firmware file meant for a different phone, which caused the Hard Brick.

So, how's it doing now? Well, the phone won't start up, it won't show the POCO logo, and it won't boot into fastboot or recovery mode. When I connect it to my computer, it's recognized as "Qualcomm USB-HS ~~ 9008," which I guess means it's in EDL mode.

I've been reading up on some threads and forums online, and here's what I know so far:
- I couldn't find anything related to the Testpoints of the Poco F5 on the Internet.
- The phone is in EDL, so theoretically, I can flash the firmware with QFil (but I can't because there's no FireHose available for this phone).
- I tried using MiFlash, but it asks for EDL authorization with my account, and apparently, I don't have an authorized account.
- Unfortunately, there are no phone repair centers nearby in my town.
- The sellers won't cover the warranty for any returns because I messed with the software.
- I've seen some people claiming they can help with the unbricking process (for a fee) if you have an authorized account, but I'm skeptical about dealing with them and don't want to fall victim to scammers.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations, I'd really appreciate it. Maybe this info can also help others who find themselves in a similar situation. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread in case anyone has more questions.
Thanks a bunch.
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Feb 20, 2019
I don't know if this answer is still relevant but I once hard bricked my Poco f1 like this. If it's already showing up as a qualcomm device I think it means you're already in EDL mode and there's no need for testpoints. It definitely seems sketchy but I ended up paying some Russian guy who I found out about over XDA and contacted over telegram about $20 to remotely access my PC, log into his account and flash my phone. I don't have his information anymore but you can probably find people offering similar services. It was actually quite professional. He just told me what files/firmware and programs I needed downloaded first and then he remotely accessed my PC and flashed what was necessary.