1. P

    Mi11Lite5G loops into fastboot after EU.rom install

    Hi community, Firstly, avid fan of your work, I am running Xiaomis since 2015 and always rely on you guys to give me a kickass custom rom. This brings me to my current issue, I got a new Mi11Lite5G and ran into some issues I hadn't previously encountered. Let me give a quick step by...
  2. Mezomix

    Mi 11 Ultra stuck with only fastboot

    Hi good morning, I got the Mi 11 Ultra with Chinese ROM, I waited the 7 days and I unlocked the bootloader, I installed the TWRP and then tried to flash the Last stable Ver. of, afterward, I am stuck with only the fastboot menu. I have tried to reinstall the TWRP but it does not work...
  3. S

    Mi 11 Lite Bricked with no access to fastboot

    Hello everyone, I bought myself Mi 11 Lite when I was in China, obviously, it had Chinese ROM. When I attempted to install/flash global ROM on my device, something went wrong ( I assume my cable just got disconnected in the middle of flashing) my fastboot screen got replaced with a black screen...
  4. Lewing

    [Redmi Note 8] Unlock the bootloader while bricked

    I was using my phone normally yesterday (Saturday) 12/06, I left it charging and when I looked at it again, it was restarting non-stop. It's a Redmi Note 8, I held the power button, but it wouldn't turn on, it just went back to the bootloader screen, I didn't try to format it as I'm trying to...
  5. A

    Phone bricked? Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro (LMI) in TWRP Bootloop -- Failed to mount '/system_root' --

    I dont know where to post this since I've been trying to solve the problem all night, searching all over the Internet; (so i created a copy of the post to place it onmy device subforum aswll) I'm going to explain the situation as simply as I can. In my device, the K30 Pro, after buying it and...
  6. A

    Phone bricked? Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro (LMI) in TWRP Bootloop -- Failed to mount '/system_root' --

    I dont know where to post this since I've been trying to solve the problem all night, searching all over the Internet; I'm going to explain the situation as simply as I can. In my device, the K30 Pro, after buying it and installing without problems the TWRP custom recovery, I began to install...
  7. H

    A2 Lite stuck on EDL

    Hello, I'm just a guy who likes tinkering with his devices, though sometimes I make complete newbie mistakes. This is one of those cases. I was messing around with Treble GSIs in my Mi A2 Lite (daisy) device. They worked pretty good but I thought I could lock my BL to have secure boot... and...
  8. Y

    I broke my Mi 9SE, anyone can help me? :(

    Hi everyone ! Recently i tried to install the eu rom to my mi 9se but I could not do it, so to return to my stock rom (my fault) I flashed the rom with the option to block bootloader. I tried to repair it with miassistant and it did not work I also tried with miflash and it did'nt work either I...
  9. L

    Hard bricked MI 8 SE. Does someone (trustworthy) have a Xiaomi Authorized Account?

    I had Xiaomi.EU MIUI 12 installed for around 2 weeks, and my phone was working perfectly. I was watching a YouTube video and, all of a sudden, it froze, turned off and never turned on again. It was completely dead, no signal when I used the charger, when I connected it to the PC nor when I tried...
  10. H

    Mi 9t Pro/k20 Pro bricked

    I bought the k20 pro on ********** and it came as 9t pro with muiu 10 secret version, I tried to install muiu 11 and when installing it I left the lock option enabled, how can I recover? Stay on the recovery screen with the msg This miui version cant be installed on this device. Im from Brazil.
  11. BennybooT

    Locked bootloader and stuck in recovery mode.

    Hi all, TL;DR CC9 Pro (bought in China) stuck in MI Recovery 3.0 and reboot loops back to the recovery screen. Device is locked with the global rom. There is red text on the recovery screen which reads "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device." Does not matter which Mi account I use...
  12. J

    My Mi Note 8 Is Hard Bricked

    Hey thank you for reading this my mi note 8 is hardbricked are there any ways to fix it i tryed to install a stable rom with twrp i cant go to fastboot and recovery mode Please help me :) If you can help me with fixing this i could pay if you want Greetings Jerano
  13. F

    How can I recovery the bricked Xiaomi Mi A2 ?

    Everything begun after a simple reboot and the phone didn't start again, even it's was working well with a custom ROM before and I didn't do anything. Then, I believe I made some mistake, because I tried to recovery it flashing a stock ROM (jasmine_global_images_V10.0.13.0.PDIMIXM_9.0), with...
  14. J

    Please help! Xiaomi redmi 6a Hardbrick

    Hi guys, I'm Jenn and this is my first time here. I have a xiaomi redmi 6a and has hardbrick. It doesn't turn on :( Can it be saved? I really appreciate your help, my phone is actually almost new. I only used it for 3 months :( Thanks
  15. N

    Attention! Mi9 hard bricked!

    Hello, Just to advise you: DON'T rollback from Android 10 to Android 9 with twrp! Mine is dead after restoring a android 9 backup and rebooted. Be careful!
  16. N

    Dead phone after turning off while instaling ROM / MiFlash doesn't see device / can't go FASTBOOT nor recovery

    Hello, I was installing on my Xiaomi Mi 5x MIUI 10 by TWRP. Eveything was fine, but for some reason meanwhile phone just turned off. I was trying to go into FASTBOOT (vol - and pow) after connecting to PC but it only makes vibration and signal (black screen). Also tools like MiFlash don't see...
  17. F

    Unbrick and Unlock Service

    Hi to everyone. İf you need an authorized account for flashing xiaomi phones and restoring brick devices, write to this person on Whatsapp +79677771598 He also does unlock phones by IMEI ! using an authorized mi EDL account, you can restore phones with constant reboot problems, "This version...
  18. Tirobut

    Redmi note 7 pro bricked, need help!

    Hello, Following a passage to the global rom the phone is blocked in EDL Mode. Can not do anything without knowing an account authorized developer ... Someone would have a trick to allow to pass the verification. As we have already seen the case with the Redmi Note 5? Thanks !
  19. Weltraumjunge

    New Mi Mix 2 Bricks Overnight, White Flashing Led (edl?)

    Hey, how this happened: Device is on 18-03-15 weekly firmware. Before the night I tried to update the firmware in the updater app. I pressed "Download" but the updater crashed immediately before even starting to download and I didn't try again. My Mi Mix 2 was playing an Audible audiobook with...
  20. Goyesays

    I Installed By Error A Wrong Rom Zip File In My Mi5

    Hi guys, I was trying to update my MI5 to the latest week version but I was a little droopy and I've installed the MI6 version :S so and now my phone looks like dead (I can't power on, no lights, I don't see the fast-boot / recovery mode), I don't know what to do :(, could you guys help me pls?