Invalid Poco X3 pro Stable - can't play videos and uninstal aps from main screen

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May 5, 2021
So, I lately installed a custom ROM on my Poco X3 Pro for the first time. It seems everything went well as my phone didn't turn into a expensive paper weight.

I noticed two really annoying things.

1. When I try to play a video from my gallery, it instead prompts me to chose a folder I want to move it to. However that works.

2. Sometimes apps won't uninstal from the app drawer. I have to hold it, go into app info and uninstall it from there. And there's no option to uninstal aps from main screen, I can only delete the shortcut

Maybe you could give us more information about the custom ROM you installed ? I can't replicate those issues with 21.6.23 on Mi Note 10.
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The first issue sounds as you have given a file manager the default action for opening videos, try clearing some defaults.

Turns out I did a stupid and turned off the Xiaomi video app, leaving videos with no app to default to. Thanks a bunch ^^
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