Pocophone F1 GPS problem


Jul 6, 2020
I live in Europe and, since I got this phone, I've found that GPS has big problems. It is really bad while using mobile data as it either doesn't find GPS signal, or it places you several meters away (over 200 sometimes). It looks better while using Wi-Fi, but it's harder to test. When I try it from home using Wi-Fi, it actually shows the correct location. Obviously, when I need to use GPS, I am not at home.
After searching I found that this problem is likely caused by Miui using a China state owned A-gps server. It used to be possible to change it manually to google's a-gps server, but it that option was removed in an update.

I've tried several suggested fixes like checking high accuracy mode, turning on GPS before launching google maps, restarting the phone, etc. Those don't work for me.

I need a solution for this because GPS is very important for me.