[PORT to non hdpi devices] port is halfway done, need to know some things, help!!


Jul 4, 2011
Hi im jazux from xda and im leading the project to port MIUI to samsung galaxy 3 (yes its ldpi device with arm v6) and for now we have been able to port the lockscreen, launcher, apps, themes, and something that i dont remember right now :D but i want to ask a question so here it is!

Q: where is the MIUI notification bar located? in framework.jars? and does it need any other scripts to work? asking because my friend said that you need a script to port the notification bar with extended controls....

and im sure you all have some questions to ask from me or from my team, so ask them and ill answer them :)

oh and i just registered few hours ago and im the real deal not some fake guy :p
hey dude, notification is statusbar.apk (if u seen it trough titanium backup)