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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by hadi447, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I have moto defy with miui 30.3.2 . my battery gaps from 54%--->49% and from 8%--->4%
  2. Pele


    Seems like you need to recalibrate.

    Turn off your device
    Charge it until its full while the device is off
    turn on your device while still connected to a power source and enter cwm
    wait for 5 mins
    select wipe battery stats
    wipe dalvik and wipe cache
    disconnect device from power source
    reboot phone as normal

    Try not to leave your phone connected to a power source for long periods when the device is fully charged as this may de-calibrate your battery/device.
  3. please help me
    my battery today drop 66 % to 49%.

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