problem with installing MIUI 12.5.1 on mi 8se


Apr 4, 2023
Right! so i've been trying to install global miui 12 version to get access to playstore. I downloaded the miui available on for the phone on my pc and moved it as a zip to the phone in the downloads file. I downloaded platform tools on the pc and used the cmd to get inte fastboot mode, and then flashed into recovery mode through twrp. everything went smoothly and I installed the zip file. And I dont know what went wrong, was it that the miui zip file was corrupt or i dont know something went wrong. The twrp told me that the installation was complete and i was good to go to reboot (disclaimer (the instlation was like one minute)). I rebooted and was stuck in fastboot mode. When i am trying to reboot through the phone buttons i still boot to fastboot, and when i try to do it through platform tools and get into twrp i still boot to fastboot.
what should i do? pls help.


XM12 Tester
Apr 22, 2021
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