New Problem with Navigation during calls MI10 5G


Oct 20, 2020
Hello, I want to report a problem with my new Xiaomi MI10 that I encountered since the purchase of the phone because, unlike the previous phone (huawei), while using the same telephone operator (in Italy WINDTRE) there is obviously a bug for which while I am using nav (GMaps or Waze) and I receive a phone call, the nav stops working with the message "GPS signal interrupted", and starts immediately when the call ends. I contacted Xiaomi and was told to enable VoLTE technology, although I have enabled the switch my operator still does not support VoLTE, and in any case I do not understand at all what this technology has to do with continuing to use the simple GPS during a call. It was explained to me by my operator says that, when making a phone call, the network switches from 4G/LTE to 3G/UMTS (in fact any other program with Facebook or Instagram continues to work on the network), only the nav is unable to work and loses GPS. The only workaround I managed to do is to enter the menu * # * # 4636 # * # * and set the connection tree as LTE/GSM network, in this way when I make / receive a call the phone completely disconnects the data network and the navigator magically continues to work with only GPS. All this happens both with the official ROMs and with those of

I hope someone can help me, I would like to be able to use the navigator while keeping the data connection active, thanks