Problem with Redmi note 6 pro


Apr 29, 2021
Hi! I have a strange problem. I recovered a cell phone (redmi note 6 pro) from a deceased relative, his closest people gave it to me. the problem is that I want to install, but I am seeing strange things. First of all, the bootloader is unlocked. Second, I suspect that it has some type of bypass or something like that (I don't know much about the subject, I just change rom) I cannot start or create an account in My community. My fear is that when flashing the rom, the phone would be blocked with my account or something, and I would have several problems because I could not access the email or account of the previous owner and there is also the possibility that it is not even the account of the previous owner who would request in the blockade. thanks for reading, sorry for my bad english.
update: I was able to create an account from my google account. I don't know if it is safe to proceed.
Update 2: (I wait for the last one) I already linked my phone number, google and facebook account to my account. everything seems to work, the My community app lets me in normally. Is it safe to proceed?