1. J

    Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G (garnet) ROM status

    Hi guys, I just bought the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G and would like to install hyper os .eu. But first I would also like to know if it's currently passing safety net. Can I use Google Pay/Wallet and banking apps? Also, does the certification for Netflix keeps working?
  2. S

    New HyperOS 2.2.81 Alarm Bugs

    There are multiple problems with the alarm function on my Redmi Watch 4 running HyperOS 2.2.81: - With a saved alarm toggled on OR off, the alarm still chimes on days not selected in the Repeat section. e.g. I select Mon-Fri in Custom, alarm still chimes on weekend - The alarm rings even if...
  3. L

    PIP won't work with Netflix.

    Information: Device: Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G Version: HyperOS Device Language: English (UK) Background: Had this issue come and go with my older device (Redmi Note 8 Pro). Bought the current device and transferred the older device info to the new one (I suspect that the issue...
  4. M

    Redmi 10 Selene NV data

    I know this phone is not supported here but i will still post the tutorial When doing this keep in mind this will change the imei I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any illegal activites you do with phone this for educational purpose This will change your phone model soon i will make a new tutorial on...
  5. J

    Can I remove sim card during 168 hour wait

    I recently bought a redmi phone and started the 168 hour wait to unlock the bootloader and I was wondering if I could take out my sim card and use it in my old phone while I'm waiting. Also I tried the mi unlock tool to see if the timer was working but it just stopped working halfway through and...
  6. fukkjoao

    New Redmi Note 12 4G Super Wallpaper Bug

    Redmi Note 12 4G (tapas) there is a bug that when we use/apply any super wallpaper and turn off the screen, the phone freezes and reboot.
  7. M

    Redmi K70 Pro

    Looking forward to getting a rom for my new partner.
  8. R

    Redmi K50 Pro - failing flash of Global Matisse Rom

    Complete newbie struggling to flash a global Matisse Rom for the Redmi K50 Pro I purchased in China. Using MiFlash results in an error "cannot find file fash_all.bat" Then I try directly in Windows to launch "windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat" but I get errors "No support by...
  9. iameffat

    Some Serious Issues/Bugs on Note 12 4G Tapas

    Hello Awesome Xiaomi Dev Community. I am facing some serious issues after installing the EU Rom. My Device: Redmi Note 12 4G (Tapas) Problems I faced in EU ROM: 1. In Wallpaper Section "Super Wallpaper", When I apply these wallpaper and try to turn off my screen to see the AOD, Then...
  10. P

    Redmi Watch 3 notifications

    Coming from an Amazfit. I find 2 things weird in the Redmi watch 3 notifications. 1. When I receive a notification from Whatsapp or any other app. There's a button saying "clear". This button takes up half the screen disrupting the entire notification. To add to the fire, the button is the...
  11. O

    New Redmi buds 4 active buzzing

    Hello, I've bought redmi buds 4 active and they are making strange static buzzing like noise. It starts when I take them out of the case and it's happening when it's playing audio. When I stop playing audio it stops after a few seconds until I start playing someting again. It happens in every...
  12. P

    Buds 4 or Buds live

    Hi, I would like to buy some earbuds to replace my old ones last 4 years. I have two options now: Redmi buds 4 for 30 USD (AliEx) and Samsung buds live for 40 USD (Samsung Official Store in my country). I would like to use for working out and meet calling. Which one may I buy? Pd: I'm not...
  13. B

    Time to replace my F2 pro

    Hey Folks, My Poco F2 pro is nearing retirement. It's been used quite heavily and has earned it's rest. That leaves me on the hunt for a new phone. The ever expanding Xiaomi product lines have left me foundering with choice overload. I am hoping that the good people here on the forum for the...
  14. Naxarexx


    Since they announced that they would support cell phones with mediatek, I have been waiting for confirmation of the list of all cell phones with MEDIATEK (MTK) processors that will support them, since I understand that starting this year they would start developing the ROM for These devices
  15. abaycan

    Redmi Note 8 MIUI 12.5 Bluetooth Keeps Stop

    Hello, I'm using "MIUI EU 12.5.4 global Android 11" ROM on my "Xiaomi" brand "Redmi Note 8" device, I installed Ryzen kernel thinking that maybe the device will charge better in long use. Installation completed successfully. But I started to get the error that the bluetooth constantly stops, I...
  16. M

    New 2bugs with K50PRO

    First of all, thank your guys for providing the free MIUI EU version for MediaTek soc phones. I encountered two bugs while using xiaomi.eu_multi_MATISSE_V13.0.26.0.SLKCNXM_v13-12. 1. The location feature does not work, either in the weather or compass apps. 2. Can not use VPN in some google...
  17. M

    Invalid MIUI 13 not opening apps on click

    So, I've got this massive problem with my new Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. When I attempt to open an application via the home screen, it stays on the icon's clicking shade. Then, it says "System Launcher has stopped". I press OK, and it reloads. How I use apps is once I reboot, I have like 30 and fewer...
  18. A initially comes with root rights?

    When installing the firmware root rights are automatically enabled?
  19. S

    Data carrier settings removed after strange reboot on phone? Redmi note 9 pro. Please help ASAP!

    I fixed my hacked phone last night and found the options to change the data carrier type to 5G for example. It had many option too Change the call settings and also all internet settings and DNS settings. I am convinced it was on this menu before, under advanced settings and it is no longer...
  20. J


    When using the full screen in landscape mode, black borders remain and the animations fail when returning to portrait mode (split in two) in any application and the keyboard remains very low even with the maximum height allowed and does not fill the screen in landscape mode(black borders in a...