Problem With Updating Throug Ota

Dec 7, 2014
Since I've updated my Mi4 to the M Android, i can't install any weekly update anymore. I am trying to update this week's update, bringing it to the OTA, and i get notification that says:
"Update failed
Can't enter recovery mode"

The update is stuck on 0%.
What can i do?
Oct 28, 2014
I don't know why ota update doesn't work, but you can install the latest rom on your phone by following these steps.

1. Go to tab download roms
2. Find cancro 6.2.4 zip
3. Download zip to pc
4. Rename zip >
5. Connect your phone to pc with usb cable. Your phone must be on.
6. Copy to internal storage of your phone.
7. Disconnect phone and turn it off.
8. Turn your phone on by pressing volume up and startbutton at the same time.
9. Choose English and press startbutton
10. Choose install and press startbutton.
11. Let it install.
12. Reboot.
14. Done. Check your phone in settings > features.

Good luck.
Oct 28, 2014
Can you give me a specific instructions?
Because i think that it doesn't matter if you download it from pc or from your phone. I think the problem is in the ota itself.
You can also:
1. Download the cancro 6.2.4 rom to your pc
2. Rename to
3. Copy to phone with usb cable
4. Open update app
5. Press the 3 dots right above
6. Select choose package
7. Choose

This way is easy and quicker i think if you don't understand the other way.

Good luck.