Problems with WAP related Apps don't work!! Network Error

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Nov 19, 2010
Since 12.24 i have the problem that Apps using the WAP protocoll doesn't work. I get a network error but my network connections are OK.
These are some german Apps like: Stau Mobil, Jobsuche and the english App this bug known or are some ideas to fix that?
It was'nt in MIUI Versions before.
same problem here! Zynga Poker and World Newspaper don't work with 0.12.24!

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Hope a developer reads this post!! And will fix this as soon as possible. There are many Apps using the WAP Protokoll and don't work now! I hope to read a statement about that or getting bugfix update APK
None of my Storm8 online games work. I was thinking it was the theme I had downloaded but it must be the build since you guys are having the same issue.
Yep, that's why im back on 11. 18 had issues too but not as much as 24 and 31. Its really gone downhill since being taken over sadly. I got rid of a Fascinate to get an Incredible so I could use Miui. Starting to regret that choice.

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My Bank of America app wont work either. I hope a fix can be found

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There is a zip posted in the bug report thread in the Evo section that is supposed to fix this. I haven't tried it yet because im on a trip.

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This fix is only for the evo. Does not work on D1

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Flashed back to 12.11 and everything works fine. Don't know what's up with 12.24

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same here. Think it has to be related to the firewall. Does anyone know what the evo fix is based on?
The issue has to do with the ad blocker. The evo zip is supposed to be the standard hosts file. I couldn't get it to flash right on mine, but part of that I think is clockworkmod. Pulling the host file from a previous build ought to work, but no guarantee. I'm no dev.

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