Question about animations rom for Poco f2 pro


Jul 30, 2019
I have this phone phone for a first day and im dissapointed about missings almost all animations of miui12 in global rom.
1. When i unlock from lockscreen and go to homescreen icons are not moving at all
2. When i exit from app the icon just fade out (doesn't follow the path on the screen)

3. Icons are not animated (because...they just fade out).

So, on my mi6 with miui12 beta rom all the animations are there.

My question is this i Did rom have all the animations for poco f2 pro or they are missing like in global rom?

P.S. I found this helping for 2. and 3. "
From what I've seen on Youtube videos, they removed the icon animations on some phones for some reason. There is a theme called UI 12 Full Experience which has the default MIUI 12 icons with the animations. Try downloading the theme, but before applying it, make sure to leave "Icons" as the only checked option as the rest of the options kinda mess up the UI"

PS2 It works only until next restart. Now after i apply the icons again it doesn't work anymore.
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