Question About anti-rollback protection


Aug 10, 2019
I have one question,
i heard about the anti rollback protection and i was very unsure to upgrade and downgrade at all because i thought, as soon as i do it, i will break it.
So i decided i download the latest fastboot firmware for the Redmi Note 7 Global V10.3.10.0.PFGMIXM
i checked the flash_all.bat and saw "set CURRENT_ANTI_VER=4"so i checked my phone which one i have there, did the fastboot getvar anti command in cmd, and it said 4.
i had before so i thought, hmm strange, why is it the same anti number on and ?
then i downloaded the V10.2.7.0.PFGMIXM fastboot rom and checked again and wondered, does it have maybe ANTI 1 2 or 3? To my Surprise it also says Anti Ver 4!
Could this mean, that the Redmi Note 7 basically has no active Anti Rollback Protection?

I would like to hear your thoughts on this one Topic

Thanks in Advance!