[Question]-[Pleasure] Date in the status bar

arkon 1

Feb 15, 2023
Hi all.

actually I have a Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra with your Xiaomi.EU 13.013.

My mobile is actually not rooted, I'm little bit scary with my banking apps...

My Question is:
How is it possible that also the date are in the status bar....
(Fantastic will be it, when also the
week number is included...)

Maybe with adb?

I searched through the internet and in the Google store...
Any app now more work with android 12... *sniff
(Or I have tomatoes on my eyes )

My Pleasure is:
Please developers is it possible that you can include this in your software?
Maybe with toggle function in the configurations.

Attached are the pictures what I mean.
Pictures sometimes say more than thousands words

Have a nice day


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