Questions for advancement to the next Rom


Mar 1, 2022
Hello lads! A question. I have XM12 with the latest Dev rom installed. I wanted to upgrade to the latest hyperos Dev rom for my device. Now, there are two questions. The first question is:
1) I have the twrp for my smartphone which is called "[BOOT]3.7.0_12-Mi12_v7.9_A13-cupid-skkk.img". Should I flash a new twrp before (It is present on this site and is called "twrp-3.7.0_12-v8.1_A14-cupid-skkk.img") switching to hyperos and then update the smartphone through the udpate app? Should I then install hyperos with the new twrp, "twrp-3.7.0_12-v8.1_A14-cupid-skkk.img"?
2) Furthermore, i have magisk, root, etc. on my device. Once I upgrade to hyperos, how can I get root and magisk working again? Do I have to do the same procedures as now? How do I know which modules will work and which will not?