Rant thread.


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Oct 31, 2011
Someone just ran into me with their bike. I was walking with headphones on and someone clipped the strap on my backpack and fell off their bike (Since their bike was then stuck on my backpack).

They proceeded to get up and yell at me for being in the way. Pissed me off to no end.
Jajaja funny story. It happened to me one that one fool came too close to me from behind on his bike and his front wheel hit my rear wheel... Of course ge ended up on the floor and somehow he managed to figure it was my fault.. Couldn't stop laughing at him even though he got hurt pretty bad...

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This reminds me of an incident I witnessed in Bergen -Norway some years ago.
A cyclist wearing tight bike-pants crashed into a taxi. Mr. Bike got injured, and the ambulance arrived at the place. In the crash Mr. Bike almost lost his pants, and what do you think the paramedics where picking out of his pants? Yeah.. a pair of socks shaped like a ball :D

At work were talking about this every spring when the bike season starts..