Rebooting during calls


Nov 18, 2010
I have an Evo running 0.11.12 that I flashed a few days ago. I love the look and performance of this ROM! Had a few issues with the phone just randomly rebooting. This morning I was on the phone and all of a sudden I couldn't hear the other person. So I looked at my screen, and it was rebooting. They called back and we were talking for a few minutes, and it happened again... then another time after that! I noticed yesterday morning that I looked at my phone a few times and it had rebooted on its own. Any thoughts?

Normal install, no themes or MIUI addons. Here's how I flashed: Running RA 1.8, wiped data and all cache twice, flashed 0.11.12, rebooted, Titanium Backup to restore apps only, then data on a few of them. Already have latest radios, I think... ends in 09.01 right? I came from CM6.1 RC1 and didn't have any random reboots there.

Another issue that isn't huge is when running the Engadget app, I can't scroll down to the bottom so I can press "Next" to see more articles. It bounces the page up no matter how slow I try to scroll it. Any tips on this too?
have you tried flashing a different kernal?

If not, check out the kernal thread and try out some new ones, hopefully it gets the issue fixed for you.
I haven't tried that, but I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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I tried out toasts kernel, had one reboot but worked great worth amazing battery life! Flashed 11.19 and hasn't rebooted yet. So yeah, kernel seemed like the issue. Thanks!

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Just a suggestion remove any theme and try it again

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