Rebooting, Torch and Camera doesn't work

Jan 23, 2012
I am not sure what's happening to my phone. I have the Google Nexus One. I'm running the CyanogenMod7.2.0 RC0, before i was running the CyanogenMod7.1.0 and before that Miuiandroid.

It was working perfectly and until a couple of days ago the camera and torch stop working :( No matter what ROM i install it doesn't fix the issue.

1. When i select the Camera i am getting this error "Sorry! Activity Camera (in application Camera) is not responding."

2. When i select the Torch/Flash light it says its on but "No light".

3. With CyanogenMod the screen goes blank after a phone call :/.

I try so many different things and nothing seems to work. I wipe

Also when i flash Miuiandroid 2.1.13 my phone keeps rebooting so i have to flash the CyanogenMod7, either way nothing fixed the problems.

Any ideas what could have cause these issues?