Xiaomi Recommendations of MIUI 2.6.8

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by Pele, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Pele

    Pele Guest

    Hello MIUI fans,

    Here are some very helpful recommendations provided by Xiaomi in the form of a video clip, showing off some goodness coming in todays MIUI V4 2.6.8 Update.


    1. Added new version of Music player app
    2. Added new version of App Market
    3. Optimized experience of ringtone audition, download and selection

    Many thanks to Xiaomi for providing the video.
  2. L00N

    L00N Members

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    China must be the only country in the world still upping 360p to youtube ;)
  3. Usman Haider

    Usman Haider Members

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    nice but video quality should be a lil better :D:p
  4. kwaku

    kwaku Members

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    i wish i can stop refreshing this page!
  5. sudy_freak

    sudy_freak Members

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    wrong thread? :cool:
  6. @AdairJunior

    @AdairJunior Members

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    Xiaomi could make the videos with english subtitles too...

    Samsung Galaxy SII + MIUI v4 + Tapatalk + SwiftKey
  7. Flavio

    Flavio Members

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    come one guys, it is the original video, it should be like that...

    i like the resolution, it loads fast here heheheh
  8. kcaj_jones

    kcaj_jones Members

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    Indeed, I have absolutely NO idea what the video was going on about!
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