Red colour gone on 13 Pro


Mar 25, 2013
I bought my 13 Pro direct from China. Almost 3 months ago, the RED colour went completely on my phone (screen). I went through various checks with the supplier. Photographs and videos are all recorded correctly (when shown on another phone/computer), but on the 13 Pro display, the colour red is missing. Typically a red London bus is not red! Screen recordings are also correct when copied to another phone, but do not show correctly on my 13 Pro.
Compare the original photo from the 13 Pro (taken and stored), with a photo taken from another phone, of how it displays on the screen.

My feeling is that it is the screen (ie. hardware), rather than software.
Anyone with any similar experiences, or any comments.
(From my sig below you can see all of the Xiaomi phones that I have had, and I have never previously had any problem with any of them!)
Which file do you want me to upload? You should be able to save either image.