New Redmi 3s/x Battery Capacity / Ringtone


Oct 21, 2016
Hi, i got 2 bugs:
1. It shows wrong Battery capacity at eu.multi stable, 4000 mah instead of 4100 mah.
Problem exists longer since Miui 8, also at orig miui global dev 6.10.13 and global stable 8.0.3
NOT in global stable (this was original on my 3x international from, it shows 4100 mah)

Also the green line for mobile signal at the battery status disappears after ca 4 days of usage.
Seems like i had no signal, but i have. After full charging the green line appear again.

2. Since uptate from eu.multi stable to i cant find the setting for ringtone getting louder in pocket modus anymore.

But its a great rom, got 6 days Battery usage with 6 hours SOT and all working fine! Thanks from germany :)
Come from Huawei Honor 7.... and this Phone ist great, reminds me to my good old Jiayu G4 ;)
PS hope you understand me ;)
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