New Redmi K30 5G bootloop issues


Jan 1, 2021
I am facing bootloop problems in every beta ROM since the first 12.5 one (20.12.28/29), even when flashing any other ROM different from coming from 20.12.28/29 and up.

The problem appears when rebooting after modifying one or many settings, I don't know if it is any specific one and I usually don't change any strange setting or developer option.

People have said that the problems appears when updating the Google Play services, which could be very possible.

These are the steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Boot to TWRP/PBRP/OFRP (has happened with any of those recoveries).
2. Wipe data and caches.
3. Install any ROM from 20.12.28/29 and up.
4. Clean caches.
5. Boot to system.
6. Change the phone settings/update apps.
7. Reboot.
8. Bootloop!

I am posting here because the problem hasn't been solved for 2 months and I think it doesn't has the proper visibility for the developers.

Thanks for your work!