Redmi K70 Pro


Sep 27, 2020

Looking forward to getting a rom for my new partner.
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Good choice!!!

I find the design very qualitative. I also like the flat screen without rounding on the edge: appreciable for the tempered glass...
The performance is just excellent, as is the screen. The only downside is that I haven't yet found a way to unlock the bootloader. An easy one. So, I have to deal with the Chinese ROM in English.

I have to be patient I guess...
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Nice up!

About bootloader - there is a "NCUNLOCK" option which seems pretty reliable, people say it works like a charm. The only downside is that it's not free, it costs $40. So I'm about to try that if nothing else pops out in the meantime.

And another thing - I'm currently using Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed (a.k.a. Poco X5 Pro) which was made for China region. It doesn't have B20 (800MHz) frequency and it has some issues in rural areas in Europe. I guess I'll have the same issue with K70 Pro.
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For the moment I still use my K50 Ultra, so I can wait 2024 for a possible free method to unlock bootloader. If not I will pay the 40€.

B20 is missing for french carriers too but I'm ok with 5G bands, most of the time.

Too bad there is no "Poco" version, to have more possibility of custom ROMs, and especially an official global ROM. I think we will only have the CN ROM.
Yeah. If they even make a global version, it probably won't be having Snapdragon CPU, but Mediatek which won't be supported by EU ROM.
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Nice one, I'm about to get the 24/1TB version in a couple of weeks.
Why 24/1T for that price you can buy a 14Pro
How do you ever use more than 12/256 ?

Have you seen reviews there is basically no difference between the K70 and the Pro.
Performance in Genshin is identical for the fps, only difference for 8Gen2 compared to 8Gen3, the latter uses 1%less battery in 20min of Genshin.
The Main camera is identical and a decent photo quality for a midrange. The other cameras are nothing to be serious on either Version.

Bought the K70 with 12/256 for 360usd, that is a reasonable amount for a Redmi.
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Good question, I think an ability to have such a masive memory just makes me wanna posses it, knowing it's more than necessary. Anyways, I'm also considering X14 Pro (16/512) as an option because its set of lenses is just awesome. I'll make my mind up in a couple of weeks.

Edit : just saw your edit.
Thanks for the details, i'll definitely reconsider.
One question though, did you test the macro mode? I couldn't find any details about it.
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Good question,
Gizmochina, Han's Tech Talk on YouTube have critical and down to earth review styles, also seem to be unsponsored.
There are also others who have made a comparison.

Buying the biggest is only sensible if you have infinite money. If there is a warranty issue it has a slow process with CN phones.
Xiaomi depreciation is high, you will loose less when reselling next year with the basic memory configuration version.
My experience after three years of buying a new one every year.

Send the Devs a beer, go for the basic K70.
Unless you have 400usd every year to loose on phone depreciation.
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Has Anyone been able to enable WiFi 7 on the phone? and connect at 320mhz?
I am only able to connect to WiFi 6e at 120mhz
You can't connect to that frequency if your router doesn't support it.
I have both TPLink and Unfi U7 Pro AP that supports Wifi 7 and the 6Ghz has 320Mhz support also.
i still not sure why i am unable to connect to them on the MLO wifi 7.
I have both TPLink and Unfi U7 Pro AP that supports Wifi 7 and the 6Ghz has 320Mhz support also.
i still not sure why i am unable to connect to them on the MLO wifi 7.
Check the broadcast protocol(not really sure if this is the correct term for the thing, I'm not a networking guy).
Then check what is the thing that's being used in your device, IIRC I had this issue on my K20 Pro where it can't connect to a G network but it can see the SSID of the network being broadcasted.
Hi, I bought a K70pro hoping it is easy to handle but it is not for me. I need a global/EU ROM. Any idea?
1. Since you bought a Chinese device, you need to find a paid service to unlock the bootloader.
2, if you have unlocked bootloader install ROM