Redmi Note 10 Pro Fingerprint problem


May 18, 2018

I installed the "" version today and my fingerprint is not working.

I can't unlock the device with the fingerprint ... The option fingerprint is active to unlock the mobile...

Anyone with this issue or fix???????

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Yes i can unlock with pincode... Thats nonsense if we have sensor/fingerprint on the device...

Any fix???
I thought your phone is locked and you can't access. :rolleyes:
Do you have any dialog when you try to unlock?
Do you feel something (vibration) when you touch the sensor?
Nothing ...

I was using the official rom...And all works ok... Then I installed the rom and puff... I have the option to unlock with the fingerprint active but when trying to unlock it doesn't do anything...

The funny thing is that it reads the fingerprint to add it on my profile
....I would try to delete all fingerprint-profiles and all pin-locks in settings. Then restart, and then try again to add new fingerprint....
@opg2000 done that .... same problem ... Cant unlock with fingerprint.
When i click on power/off button only show "swipe up to unlock" then i insert the pinlock .... With fingerprint wont work or shows anything