1. fabiogameri

    New Unable to get a valid device ID

    I'm using the latest weekly update, and I'm getting this error, I think it started to show up when I changed the device fingerprint, but I've already reset it in MagiskProps with Termux, and so I'm getting these messages that appear randomly, my device is right on SafetyNet I don't know what to...
  2. A

    New Fingerprint not working with rom

    I have installed on my xiaomi mi 9se to the latest sable version (V12.5.1.0.RFBCNXM). Before there was the cinese rom (MIUI 10 on it). First I tried the fingerprint scanner with the chinese rom (miu 10) everything worked fine and smooth! But with the rom the fingers aren't even scanned...
  3. A

    Mi 9se Fingerprint problems

    Hello to everyone, Today I installed the Rom , stable version 12.5 for the mi 9se. If I try to add the fp it won't let me add the full Fingerprint, only a part of it. And so it won't work to unlock the phone. Moreover the new Interface seema a bit slow. Is this normal? can anybody...
  4. C

    Fingerprint issue (1525 calculate PGA gain error)

    After using eu rom (maybe earlier not sure) i couldn't get fingerprint worked. Trying to reload persist.img from twrp tried to fresh install eu rom but didn't work so far. When i saw an article that says "go to advanced settings. in CIT menu ,in right corner you have three dots, go to advanced...
  5. S

    Invalid Redmi note 8

    Hey there guys, I downloaded and flashed the 12.0.3 version for Redmi note 8 and I have a problem ,when I want to set a secured lock screen fingerprint doesn't work to set it, I have tried other roms but it worked in them all ,if u can fix this bug.
  6. M

    New Finger print sensor light animation error (xiaomi mi 9t)

    Hello, I've an error with my xiaomi mi 9t finger print light animation. When I move my phone from a table or something or from my pocket the finger print light animation is turned off, not all the time but most of the time, like 95% it's turned off. I've the latest software update and I've a...
  7. B

    New [Mi5S] Fingerprint ghost touches

    Same problem. Updated from Fingerprint scanner works fine everywhere but it is scanning itself when some app is requesting fingerprint
  8. P

    New Fingerprint reader not working anymore after miui 12 update on Mi9 lite

    I used my Mi 9 lite with MIUI 11 beta 19.12.26 ROM, but a few days ago MIUI 12 just came out so I wanted to try it out. I had twrp which couldn't decrypt the data so I had to change the recovery to the latest orange fox first. I flashed MIUI 12 straight from recovery but I...
  9. cr3pt

    Invalid 9.6.13/9.6.20/9.6.27 - Home button and fingerprint sensor not working in mi6 after update.

    As in topic, the home button and fingerprint sensor not working in mi6 after update. Latest good version is 9.6.5. Removing saved fingers don't resolve problem - the butto is dead.
  10. R

    New Screen doesn't always wake up on Mi 8

    When unlocking the phone with the fingerprint sensor, the screen does not always wake up.
  11. I

    New HM5 "rosy" No fingerprints added

    The fingerprint is being read and there is an error at the end of the process. Error "Failed to add fingerprint" - translated from Russian
  12. maksz

    Disable Wake Up On Fingerprint Sensor Touched

    Is it possible to disable wake up by touching fp sensor (no fp added) like it was in miui 9?
  13. Aziz1156

    New How to solve fingerprint error bug in 8.11.15 rom

    Guys, a few days ago I have posted about this issue. After many tries I have found the solution. For overcoming this issue, download the rom and flash it simply using TWRP recovery. Don't need to wipe anything. Just flash it over your current rom. And then reboot the device into system. 1st...
  14. Aziz1156

    New Fingerprint issue in Redmi 5 (rosy)

    I have tried MIUI global rom, China rom. In those rom I didn't found any fingerprint issue but after installing 8.11.15, I am facing a major issue. When I am going to set my fingerprint, every time it's saying "could not set up fingerprint please try again". I am trying 100 of times, but the...
  15. T

    [issue]fingerprint Sensor Malfunctioning

    Hello fellow Xiaomi users, Been having Redmi Note 4x SD 64GB 4 RAM for a couple of months now and it had been working flawlessly however, recently, a few weeks ago the fingerprint sensor started acting up randomly. It does recognize my fingers or at least I believe so, as it doesn't vibrate...
  16. M

    Problem Fingerprint Sensor Mi5s

    Hi, I have a mi5s for a long time. At first everything worked well but one day the fingerprint sensor stopped working. I erase the fingerprints that had been saved to save them again and now it will not let me save them. Now he does not let me keep any trace, he gets caught on the screen that...
  17. T

    Fingerprint Not Working

    I know there are lots of topics about this issue, but I couldn't find the exact problem and the solution for this. My phone's fingerprint sensor was working just fine, sometimes working, sometimes not, I'm not complaining about this. However, yesterday something happened. I went to sleep and...
  18. E

    New [mi5s] Google Assistant Always Opens After Unlocking

    Hello, I have google Assistant on long press homebutton. Every time i unlock with fingerprint it opens Google Assistant. I have this issue since 3-4 versions. Anyone hase a solution except remove Google Assistant from long press homebutton?
  19. L

    New Mi5s Android Assistant Unlock Bug On Miui 9

    Hi, I seem to be experiencing a very annoying bug. Whenever I unlock my screen using the fingerprint scanner, Google assistant comes up in the background. This is frustrating because the fingerprint sensor in the Mi5s already have issues, and Google assistant stops any music playing. I am...
  20. Danny Njenga

    Mi5s Fingerprint Reader Error

    Greetings, I have an issue with the Xiaomi EU Rom, each time i try to update the ROM my fingerprint sensor doesn't work. The last version that worked was 7.5.11 then i tried to update to 7.5.14 and fingerprint failed. So when i tried to go back to 7.5.11 fingerprint didn't work either. Now am...