Redmi note 11s messenger notification problem


Apr 1, 2023
I recently bought a redmi note 11s and i stumbled across the global xiaomi notification problem. I did some research and i set up all the apps like the guides shown on the internet. All the apps work perfectly fine except messenger. A few of the solutions mentioned below worked temporarly, but after some time it stopped working. I had 5 notis today and i only got one but somehow i got it instantly. The other 4 never arrived even after days. I didn't have any problems with this phone except this one and i'm very dissapointed because i miss a lot of important messages. I would be very glad if someone could help me.

Adittional information:
Operating system: MIUI 13.0.3 Stable
Android version: 12

All the solutions i tried so far:
Disabling battery saver
Setting messenger in battery saver to no restrictions
Enabling auto start for messenger
Reinstalling messenger
Clearing cache
Clearing all application data