Redmi Note 3 Mtk Not Working

Jun 6, 2016

I just installed the Stable ROM V7.2.5.0 on my Redmi Note 3. Unfortunately there are a lot of bugs , that the smartphone can´t be used correctly. I want to install an other ROM from I´m not able to go to settings and I can´t update with the updater app.
Also it isn´t possible to change into twrp-recovery.
I´m not able to install the ROM via the updater app.
There are shown errors every second.
Please help me? Like this the Phone is useless.

Jun 9, 2016
Wow this board is dead...
But maybe I can help you, since I was struggling with the Redmi Note 3 MTK at first, too.

Now I guess you don't have an unlocked Bootloader? And you flashed the 7.2.5 through the SP Flash Tool?
If that's the case you will have to get your Bootloader unlocked because the Roms provided by need to be flashed through TWRP Recovery, which requires an unlocked Bootloader.

To apply for the unlock just google it because I can't yet post links it seems...
For me it took them around 2 weeks to approve the unlock and it only took a few minutes after that.

As soon as you have it unlocked you can just flash TWRP through the Fastboot and then flash the latest Rom, which currently is 7.3.1 (stable) for the MTK.
Jun 6, 2016
Thanks for your help.

After hours and hours of searching I figuered it out by myself.
Finally I found the mi flash tool and the official fastboot roms.
So, I flashed the stable fastbootrom (developer version is not working, I don't know why).
After flashing the weekly rom via flashify and twrp recovery everything is working very fine now.
Stable versions of the roms obviously do have lots of bugs on my redmi note 3, weekly don't.

Anyway thanks for your help. And of course thanks to the great developers.