Redmi Note 3 Pro - No Wifi

Nov 17, 2015
I have a problem with my friend's redmi note 3 pro (3/32). The phone was running official global stable, and after one OTA update it couldn't connect to WLAN networks. WLAN couldn't be turned on. In settings\about phone\status there was wierd WLAN mac address

When he came to me asking fof help, he already switched from global stable to global developer ROM, but no WiFi. He did factory reset several times, but no help.
Bootloader was locked, phone never had those vendor ROM's and since day one was on official global ROM's.

First thing i did was unlocking bootloader the official way using my mi account and mi flash unlock (ofc we removed device from his account before unlock)

I tried at least 15 different ROM's, tried flashing different recovery, tried flashing MIUI global stable, global dev, china stable, china dev, flashed, flashed in fastboot, flashed in EDL... Faced several bricks, lost imei few times... but... None of this things made WiFi working, and phone didn't have mac address on any ROM.

If anybody has any idea what can i do next, i would be grateful.

I can provide logs when i try to turn on WLAN.

I found some information on different forums that this problem with WiFi occurs when upgrading to newer android version, but their fix didn't work for me.

Please help

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Jun 11, 2018
Minha situação é idêntica à sua. Eu tentei de todas as maneiras e várias vezes cada um como você, mas o resultado é sempre o mesmo. Alguém conseguiu desvendar esse mistério?