New Redmi Note 3G / V37 & Redmi 1S / V45: Import contacts from other phones has mixed phones

Sep 3, 2014
I am sure this has been reported elsewhere, if so please disregard this.

On a Redmi Note (3G model) with V37, when one visits the "import contacts from other phone" function in the contacts application, he/she is presented with logos of various manufacturers.

When the Greek language is selected, the manufacturers are presented in rows of 2, as follows:
- 1st row: Xiaomi (at left) / Apple (at right)
- 2nd row: Samsung (at left) / HTC (at right)
- etc

The problem is that when Xiaomi is pressed, no phone is presented. When Apple is pressed, instead of Apple phones, Xiaomi phones are shown! When Samsung is pressed, the Apple phones are displayed. When HTC is pressed, the Samsung phones are displayed etc.

This should be an easy bug to tackle. Not sure if it should be reported here at or to upstream though. If the latter is needed, feel free to do it.
Sep 3, 2014
It seems quite strange that noone can confirm this bug, even though it is extremely easy to do so (just open contacts -> import from other phone)...

This issue does not only affect Redmi Note 3G. It definitely affects Redmi 1S as well. Specifically:

* the bug is not present on the English Chinese stock firmware V37 for Redmi 1S WCDMA (another phone altogether, I know, still they might share the same codebase)
* the bug is present on the firmware V43, again for the same Redmi 1S WCDMA
* the bug is also present on the firmware V45, again for the same Redmi 1S WCDMA

In the firmware there is a duplicate "Xiaomi" button. There's the first one, but there is one more at the end! Some pointer gone bad?

Anycase, this is clearly a bug! Please consider it for solution in the upcoming firmware of both Redmi 1S as well as Redmi Note (of course, other firmwares might be affected, eg Mi3, Redmi Note 4G etc).


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Aug 20, 2011
The bug is a side effect of idiotic MIUI programming of this function that won't allow proper multilang translation. Since v6 is global now that function is fixed.

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Sep 3, 2014
Thank you for the info. Problem is that I do not expect any decent (read: VERY stable) MIUI6 firmware to roll out for Redmi 1S and Redmi Note 3G soon, or ever...