Redmi Note 8T sd card write permissions


Apr 8, 2022
As the title suggests, my Redmi Note 8T has a problem with write permissions on the sd card.

I have a MIUI 12.0.4 rom from and Android 10; all, and I emphasize all, the file managers I tried (about 20 apps) correctly detect the sd card, can see and read the contents of the folders but are unable to obtain the permissions to be able to write and/or delete files or folders on the sd card card. Only the system file manager can do these things but it's a minimal app with few options.
I searched on the net but without success; only a forum dedicated to MixPlorer has provided indications but without success.
I also think that the fact that write permissions are denied to ALL file managers I've tested indicates a problem with MIUI or Android 10.

For the moment I'm forced to use the MIUI internal file manager but I hope to find suggestions and proposals here to overcome the problem of not granting write permissions on the sd card.

Thanks for your attention