Redmi Note 9 Pro Wi-Fi and Notifications problem.


Jan 7, 2021
Hey guys, first of all i don't know much about these stuff so you gotta bear with me haha.I got my Redmi Note 9 Pro about a month ago, first time owning a Xiaomi device.My phone is running MIUI 12.0.1 Global. My wi-fi constantly disconnects and i have to use 4G.Even when it's connected sometimes there is no internet. Is there a known fix for this since i've seen other people having problems too.Also sometimes i have to open Instagram or Messenger to get the notifications, any fix for this?

I would really like some tips about what i should do, maybe new ROM? Is that easy to do? I honestly have no idea what i'm doing atm.

Thanks a lot and sorry if i rambled for too long, hope i made myself clear