New Redmi Note 9S / curtana, Themes app problem


May 11, 2021
The latest release for STABLE custom ROMs for Curtana: V12.0.2 (based on Android 11) from 2021-05-08 gives an error in the system application "Themes". Writes: "The theme does not match the version of Miui installed on your device", there is no way to install a theme from the "Themes" store and third-party ones too, although they are all adapted for R11 Miui12. On the previous firmware V12.0.1 (R11), everything was fine and there were no problems with themes. Please check, the error is manifested by many users.
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I downloaded the theme from the store now, it gives such an error on a third-party theme as well. Click to apply, partially applied, the dialer and some other components are not applied. Third-party widgets are not installed, but they are downloaded in the theme, in fact they are not. Some people have the same problem.
[QUOTE="TheKerevas, perhaps many have such a problem, but they do not write here on the forum and the error is not visible immediately after the update, but only when you want to change the subject. Hope for a fix, this curtana smartphone is rarely updated
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You installed a very new firmware, you get a warning that the themes may not work because it is a new version, and you confirm that they are not fully working.

I don't understand what is the issue.
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[QUOTE="JiaiJ, Please read my first comment carefully. I wrote, the themes are taken adapted for R11 Miui 12 the freshest, which work on other smartphones and similar firmware. I have been using local firmware for a long time and I know what errors to write about. )