redmi note (jhdcnba97.) my phone hang at menu after install beat audio installer.

Jul 7, 2014
i just buy a new redmi note wcdma malaysia (jhdcnba97.) octa core 1.7 , 2gb ram, 8gb internal storage. first the recovery mode are in opposite position button up n power button, then if i choose one of the option, nothing happen, it suppose be respone if i choose one of the option, like other version recovery mode just press down button and power, then it choose one of option , all option is ok, then i try to install beat audio installer to my redmi note wcdma version, my phone start hang slowly for the first time, and then i try to reset to factory setting, my phone behave hang at menu n restart by it self.. can u help me to restore data, even im using sp flah tools its not working , pls reply a.s.a.p , thank u so much
Jun 18, 2014
1) removed the battery and put it back, by pressing power + volume down to boot into recovery, if successful then flashed 23 or 25 Rom. If can't go into recovery, the only way was by sp flashtool. You have to install the correct driver on the windows PC. Here is the link for the drivers:
Unzipped it and you have three folder, just open All MTK Drivers folder > New inst. win 7&8x64 and run DPInst64.exe for 64 bit windows or run dpinst.exe for Windows 32 or older machine. On windows 8 you need to disabled driver verification. Once the driver successfully installed, follow sp flashtool in the op to downloading the scatter file strictly fellow the instructions. Once finished put back the battery and reboot, and flashed the new rom 23 onward or the latest I had successfully unbricked my friend's hm note 1w. Hope it help. Enjoy.

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