Redmi Note Pro vs Enhanced version?? and Voip/SIP settings?

Jul 27, 2014
I have just bought an Enhanced version from xiaomishop. just wondered if this also called the Note Pro?

Also I have been with it for 2 days now and I like a lot of feature but I think the main/basic feature of standard android should also been there too.

1- All the apps I installed from the market are bang on the desktop i.e there is no concept of shortcuts and the Appmenu button is not available.

I naively installed few apps thinking I was just removing icons from the desktop.
What was wrong with main Apps Menu button?
I think it is just messy desktop!!

Also I could not find any SIP settings to connect my voip account.

Standard Android version , Nearly all sony and samsung devices have the option why not in Redmi Note unless I can't find...

Any help please?



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Aug 20, 2011
Apps are on the desktop. This is the main feature of MIUI OS for a 3 years.