Reinstalling MIUI


May 9, 2021
Hello guys,

I have Mi 10T Pro with 21.6.30 BETA ROM. However, I want to install 21.7.28 BETA ROM as is a brand new phone. Something like deleting the partitions on the ssd and installing again windows, just for example.

Is it enough to take the same steps which I took when changing from GLOBAL ROM to rom?
I have bloated it with a lot of apps and I want to start clean "as a new phone".

The steps I've done:
1. Unlock bootloader. already unlocked
2. fastboot boot twrp.img (without flashing it). I used -> twrp-3.5.1.A10-apollo-geoanto555 now 3.5.2 twrp version uploaded.
3. Factory reset in Wipe.
4. Format /cache and Dalvik cache
5. Format data -> yes -> reboot to custom recovery.
6. Upload rom .zip file to phone.
7. Install zip -> without errors. Install 21.7.28 BETA ROM .zip file
8. Back, and Format data again. Format data again, and then wipe from stock recovery as Poney70 once told me specifically for my phone.

Thank you in advance for help.

You can really simplify the steps:

1. Unlock bootloader (ok)
2. "fastboot boot twrp.img" (fine)
3. Upload rom .zip file to phone
4. Install rom in TWRP
5. Go in "Wipe" menu in TWRP > "Format Data" button > Type 'yes' to confirm
6. Reboot your phone (to System)

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